At Paraglide Washington, we offer a full range of paragliding lessons. We will take you from your first introductory tandem flights, through complete United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association certification.

Tandem Introductory First Flight . - $170 Not sure if you want to become a fully certified pilot? Then take an introductory tandem flight!   Anyone who can run a few steps can fly on a tandem paraglider with one of our skilled instructors.  Your initial lesson will start at the Tiger Mountain landing zone,  where you will meet your instructors. You can then hike up the scenic trail to the take-off at Poo Poo Point, or ride up in a shutttle car, about 45 minutes either way.! We will first spend several minutes explaining the mechanics of paragliding tandem flight, and practicing your part in the plan. Run! Don't jump! After watching other people take off and fly, it will be your turn Sooner than you expect, we will be in the air, and sitting in our comfortable harnesses to enjoy the flight of a lifetime. How long will we fly? Every flight is different, Mother Nature is in charge of the wind and weather gods. That's one of the joys of our sport! But your personal instructor is among the most experienced pilots in the air, and they will teach you what flying is really like. Visit our Tandem Flights page for more info. If you decide to continue and earn your certification, we will apply your tandem flights to your P2 course.

Complete Lesson Package, Novice Para 2 - $1800 For those who want to learn to become paragliding pilots, the first tandem is only the beginning! This is an intense and comprehensive course that will guide you through becoming a safe and competent pilot with the skills to judge conditions and fly on your own. You will learn about weather, equipment, launch and landing technique, thermal flying, ridge flying, cross-country flying, safety maneuvers, emergency procedures, and pilot etiquette. You will then learn concepts of paragliding flight.  We will help you with practice launches and ground-handling skills to help you get comfortable with your glider. You will then move onto radio guided solo flights. Your instructor will guide you by radio, on what to do and what not to do. All instruction is performed under the certification program set forth by our national organization, the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. We will take you through your Para 1 and Para 2 ratings, with a program tailored to fit your schedule and learning curve. It includes a minimum of 25 flights, with most our students going about 30 before all requirements are met. We will provide three books for you, and tutor you in the skills and knowledge needed to pass your two written tests and solo-flight tests. Don't worry, we will provide you with all the equipment necessary to complete your training.


Paramotor - What other aircraft fits in the trunk of your car? Paramotor flight is one of the fastest growing forms of ultralight aircraft flying. In our paramotor course, you will be given the same careful instruction as our P2 course. If you already have your P2 certification, we can help you get your paramotor in the air. We will teach you launch and landing technique, flying characteristics unique to paramotor flight, and flight pattern rules. You must provide your own paramotor. However, we will provide radio helmets for in-flight communication during your training.

Advanced Para 3, Para 4, Master, and Tandem - Our advanced ratings courses are designed to assure your competency for your advanced rating. Contact us directly to discuss your goals.

In-case of unforeseen circumstances, and Paraglide Washington can no longer complete your course, we will offer a pro-rated refund. In-case of a student terminating a course, no refund will be given. Paraglide Washington reserves the right to  change, or delete any part of the courses or fees at any time. If you have additional questions or concerns, just give us a call (206) 679-1002, or send an e-mail.

Upon completion of our P2 lesson program, you will be a certified paraglider pilot with the United Stated Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

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